sathyam holidays

International &
Domestic Holiday Packages
Every holiday package at Sathyam Holidays are designed keeping your comfort and luxury in mind. So, whether you want to visit a virgin beach in India or embark on a far-flung excavation of a pyramid in Egypt, Sathyam Holidays ensure that your holiday goes off in the most perfect manner.
International &
Domestic Air ticketing
A major part of any vacation trip is the travel segment. With Sathyam Holidays you can expect only the best in this sector. Our partnership with reputed airlines allows us the freedom to offer tickets for any domestic and international destination at the most affordable prices.
Cruise Booking &
Hotel Reservations
Sathyam Holidays provides only the best service in luxury and comfort. We have a strong network of partners in the hotel and cruise segments. So, whether it is a cruise-trip or a palace-turned-hotel that you want as part of your itinerary, Sathyam Holidays is perfectly positioned to serve you with the best options.
Passport, Visa, NOC &
Attestation Assistance
A vacation involves many documentation and other official aspects that are essential in today’s world. Sathyam Holidays is your friend and guide who cater to every demand in an unfailing manner. So, when vacationing with us, you will never have to bother about the passport, Visa, NOC and attestation assistance.
Foreign Exchange
Sathyam Holidays stands to take care of all your vacation requirements. From arranging and exchanging currencies to providing information about the locations of Foreign Exchange at your holiday destination, Sathyam Holidays provides all such information to its clients to make their vacation a smooth and comfortable affair.
Travel Insurance &
Global Sim Cards
Safety is another aspect of vacationing that is given special care by Sathyam Holidays. The company values the life and properties of its clients. So, it provides the option of travel insurance so that you can go on your holiday without any worries accompanying you. And to keep you connected with friends and family back home global sim cards specially arranged.
Car Rental, Bus & Train Tickets
Sathyam Holidays takes care about every large and small aspect of your vacation. From arranging car trips to letting you know about the car rentals in advance, with us you will always be well-informed and well-treated. We also arrange bus tickets so that the only thing left for you to do is to explore your destination and enjoy your vacation.
HRD Attestation
Sathyam Holidays is your best choice even if you are travelling for work instead of vacation. The company takes care of your paper works while you are travelling abroad for work purpose. From major paper works like HRD attestation to minor matters of travel, Sathyam Holidays provides services that cater to all these requirements and beyond to ensure that you have a tension-free trip.